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June 2007
CDE Puts a Spring in UVSC's Step
Reviewed by Karen Anne Webb

Taylor and Stern: A Dynamic Dance Duo
Reviewed by Karen Anne Webb

RDT: Moving Heaven and Earth
Reviewed by Karen Anne Webb

Ririe-Woodbury and Miller Celebrate Nikolais Legacy with Immersive Dance Experiences
Reviewed by Karen Anne Webb

Springing with Imagination
Imagine Ballet's Spring Gala

Reviewed by Karen Anne Webb

Lively Movement from Still Art
RDT's 'Postcards from Utah'

Reviewed by Karen Anne Webb

Devilishly Good Ballet
Diablo Ballet Company comes to Park City

Previewed by Karen Anne Webb


Taking Back Sunday Grows Up
From Screaming Boys to Versatile Men

by Autumn Thatcher

From HIM to You
The 'Dark Light' Shines on SLC

by Autumn Thatcher


A 'Peculiar' Ska Show at The Depot
The Slackers Triumphantly Return to SLC

by Janean Parker

Music and Parties, Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold Brings 'City of Sin' to Zion

by Autumn Thatcher

Railroad Earth Chugs into Suede
The Free-Spirited Jazz Band Comes to Park City

by Autumn Thatcher

It's About Foggin' Time
Fog comes to Utah after Three Years of Subliminal Fan Worship

by Brent Sallay
Grizzly Bear: Yellow House
Reviewed by Brent Sallay

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones
Reviewed by Jordan Scrivner

Beirut: Gulag Orkestar
Reviewed by Brent Sallay

The Black Heart Procession: The Spell
Reviewed by Jordan Scrivner

The Lilys: Everything Wrong is Imaginary
Reviewed by Brent Sallay

We Love 'My Own Wife'
SLAC's latest production bends genders

Reviewed by Rob Tennant
Remember RED?
It's still here

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Karen blogs about dance and more on her blog, in conjunction with her new book, The Chalice of Life

  Keeping Classic  
  Ballet West's 'Giselle'  
  by Karen Anne Webb  
  You sometimes think of villagers and similar parts as no more than mobile scenery, and sometimes they are. Here, they seemed to be individuals completely involved with the story and reacting to it like real people.
  Southern Comfort  
  The Soulful Maria Taylor Charms Us  
  by Autumn Thatcher  
  It is pretty much guaranteed that when you listen to her newest album, Lynn Teeter Flower, you will fall in love with Maria Taylor. However, just when you think it is impossible to love her anymore, you meet her, and find out that the Alabama native with a soft southern accent is even more amazing in person.
The Salt Shaker Magazine presents:
by Brent Sallay, the Salt Shaker staff and whoever else showed up
  As a year, 2006 had no obvious, must-win best-of-the-year candidate. So the suspense is rich. So rich, in fact that you must have already clicked over to the article. If not, do it now!  

  Powerful Present-Tense History  
  Paul Greengrass's Stunning 'United 93'  
  by Jeremy Mathews  
  After all the talk of potential pitfalls and uninformed controversy that surround "United 93" fades, Paul Greengrass's film will stand up as a masterpiece. It captures the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 and the people who witnessed it with bewilderment and horror, and does so without contrivance or dramatic pretense.
  Scanning the Lives of Addicts  
  Richard Linklater Returns to Digital Rotoscoping for a Thoughtful and Funny Philip K. Dick Adaptation  
  by Jeremy Mathews  
  The late Philip K. Dick's novels and short stories have been the starting point for many films, but most of them abandon Dick's challenging ideas and free-flowing philosophy after cribbing his intriguing science-fiction setups. Richard Linklater's animated feature "A Scanner Darkly," however, is completely loyal to its source's spirit, full of absurd, funny and sad characters trapped in a slightly more desolate version of our modern world.


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