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Speaking of... Audrey

By Chris Bellamy

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (Paramount, $12.98) OK, so this movie was responsible for the complete over-use of the song “Moon River” over the next four decades. But you know what? It’s still a great song, and a great movie. This was back when they still knew how to make romantic comedies—and it doesn’t hurt that Holly Golightly is one of the most irresistible screen sirens ever.

“Roman Holiday” (Paramount, $12.98) The movie that put Hepburn on the map revolves around a delicious bit of double-crossing, as Hepburn’s Princess Ann tries to conceal her identity from the kindly Joe Bradley, who is similarly trying to conceal his identity as a journalist/paparazzo. “Holiday” features a perfect bittersweet ending. If a modern studio remade it, they’d ruin it.

“Sabrina” (Paramount, $12.98) Speaking of remakes…well, Harrison Ford is no Humphrey Bogart, and Julie Ormond doesn’t compare to our dear Audrey. And, of course, no one compares to Billy Wilder, who directed Hepburn in one of the great romances of film history.

“Charade” (Criterion Collection, $39.95) A dark mystery, a beautiful heroine, Cary Grant—it must be Hitchcock! Except it’s not. It’s Stanley Donen. But dammit, it’s still one hell of a suspense thriller/dark comedy.

“Wait Until Dark” (Warner Home Video, $19.98) Hey, look—Audrey plays a blind person without the benefit of oversized sunglasses! Take that, Jamie Foxx! You could drive a truck through a couple of plot holes in this one, but somehow it’s tense and scary anyway…perhaps just because I’ve always had a rabid, irrational fear of going blind. No, seriously.

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