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Music and Parties, Sevenfold
The Metal Gods Behind 'City of Evil' come to Zion

By Autumn Thatcher
Concert Preview:
Avenged Sevenfold
Coheed and Cambria

Saturday, April 22
8 p.m.

Salt Air
(12408 W. Salt Air Drive, west the airport on I-80)
Tickets cost $26.50,
via Smith’sTix

With their first album on a major record label receiving rave reviews and a number of newfound followers, the members of Avenged Sevenfold have found that if metal rock is going to come back, they will be the ones to bring it. “We’ve made a lot of changes since our first record, but that is natural. We are always going to change, but our albums will always be rock” says drummer The Reverend. The not-so-religious talent took time out to bail on a phone interview with The Salt Shaker on Friday, April 14, only to be tracked down by his publicist and forced to talk for a little bit about the band’s 2005 album, City of Evil, and its current tour.

Talking from his cell phone in Atlanta, Georgia, it was more than obvious that The Reverend was distracted by the noises around him. What these noises stemmed from are still a mystery, though it isn’t too hard to guess given the band's notorious record of throwing killer parties involving a series of blow jobs given by completely incoherent girls.

Since their formation in 1999, the Huntington Beach, Calif. natives have produced three full-length albums and moved their way up from playing the side stage at the Warped Tour to headlining their own tour. “The shows have changed a lot. I honestly enjoy playing both small and large shows. But I’ve noticed that as the audiences get bigger, we are getting in more trouble” says The Reverend. Though the quintet has earned a reputation for partying as hard as legendary partiers like Motley Crue, he maintains that the band exists first and foremost for their music.

The 2005 Warner Brothers release City of Evil has enabled the band to introduce themselves to the world through a major record label while serving as a revelation of the band’s growth and changes. Old-school fans might be a bit surprised, however, because though the album maintains the lengthy six- to seven-minute songs that the band is known for, it is void of the harsh screams that used to come from the mouth lead singer M. Shadows.

“I guess someone started a rumor that Shadows popped blood vessels in his throat and that’s why he stopped screaming. I never saw that happen, I mean, he was never bleeding from the throat. I imagine that would be pretty intense. He can still scream, he just decided to stop screaming,” reveals The Reverend.

Though the decision to stop screaming in the various songs was a conscious one made by the lead singer, many fans believe that the band has sold out to the major label industry. The Reverend maintains that the band is simply doing what they love to do—play music and make records. “If people have listened to all of our other albums, then they would know that we are still the same band. I really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. We’re just making music,” says The Reverend.

Because of their innovative sound, the band has been linked to everything from punk to hardcore metal. “We are metal, on the border of rock. Some of our earlier work could be tied into punk, but we are definitely more in touch with metal audiences,” The Reverend says. Musical critics have referred to A7X’s sound as dark, yet uplifting, which is ironic given the band’s tendency to make biblical reference. “We grew up getting kicked out of Catholic school. Shadows is fascinated by biblical stories and the art behind it. It’s very cool.”

A7X will be crashing into Salt Lake City with metal riffs and a dark sound to uplift the down-trodden on Saturday, April 22. Though the city's more righteous residents may not appreciate the band's subject matter and reputation, the band members enjoy coming to Utah and causing a stir. “I like Utah, and we love playing Salt Lake City” says the Reverend. “The kids are fucking crazy there.”

Fans can look forward to seeing A7X this Saturday at Salt Air, where they will have the chance to get rowdy and go a little too crazy. Note to female fans: you must be at least 18 years or older to hang on the bus later. The rockers may enjoy getting down and dirty, but they like to keep it somewhat legal.

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